SAC Sistemi Applicati alle Costruzioni s.r.l.
Today’s ever-increasing need to build essential and massive infrastructures which are vital to on-going development, frequently involves the planning and execution of such structures in areas which are already heavily congested by existing ones. Inevitably this can lead to considerable interferences. One environmentally friendly solution to such problems is the building of underpasses.

S.A.C. srl (Sistemi Applicati alle Construzioni) successfully develops applies technologies building such underpasses under operating railway lines and motorways without interrupting them or other underground services already operating. S.A.C.’s contribution is as a specialist company able to offer to construction companies working in the field of motorway construction, or infrastructures in general, the technology known as “oleo-dynamically pushing” for the laying of previously prefabricated underpasses.

The pushing and laying of “boxed” underpasses represents the core business of the company even if various other uses have been found in the construction industry for this highly specialised technology e.g. the lifting and laying of bridges.

S.A.C. srl proudly owns a wide selection of equipment (power groups, oil-powered exchanges, hydraulic jacks and accessories) which have been customer-designed and built for the widest range of applications and in particular with a pushing power capable of moving up to and over 20,000 tonnes.

S.A.C. srl is undoubtedly a group leader in this field with some of the most important Italian and European construction companies among its clients.